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AltCity is looking for enthusiastic interns to take active roles in helping build out AltCity's outreach activities and startup programs, including our world-class Bootcamp program, a partnership between AltCity, Banque du Liban, and Al-MAWARID Bank.

AltCity's Mission: AltCity drives enterprise founders to reach their first customer or first investor in the shortest amount of time possible.

AltCity's Vision: We believe in a world where anybody, anywhere, can pursue opportunities that impact their lives and our world, get investment, and launch startups that grow globally.

This internship program is not for the light-hearted. We are committed to making sure our interns have an incredible experience, learn, grow, and contribute substantially to the AltCity's work. Our internship program includes:

  • specific learning objectives
  • a specific output or portfolio
  • a mix between solid guidance and support, with expectations of self-guidance and independence
  • training opportunities
  • fun

You'll get the opportunity to work in a fast paced and exciting environment, and will be exposed to a wide range of activities and meet with various people in the local startup community.


We are looking for interns to help with specific areas of work, including:

  • Community programming, developing, communications, and outreach
  • Social media marketing, developing and running campaigns (especially those targeting the age group of the intern), coming up with creative content, and writing blog posts
  • Conducting business and market research
  • Technical development in core product areas (hardware, software, web/mobile, etc), adapted to the interests of the intern, and particular needs of AltCity, the Bootcamp program, and partner startups we are working with

For all of those project areas, we expect from the interns:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Positive teamwork, plus individual responsibility and self-initiative
  • Strong attention to detail, and the pursuit of excellence


This internship program will provide a basic stipend to cover basic transportation expenses. A typical internship program is full-time over three months, but can be adapted based on specific internship interests, projects, availability, etc.

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